Sahaj Resources
This is a site for sahaj resources.
Havan in Pune, January 1982
India Tour 1982/83
Bordi, 1979
Buddha Purnima, May 1983
India, February 1982
Blue Mountains, Australia
This is a simple and effective demonstration how Sahaja Yoga goes well beyond Mindfulness.
This PowerPoint intro can be edited and modified as needed. It was originally created for Sahaja Yoga in Dallas, USA.
Illustration of meditating yogi, designed by Italians and mainly used in the Inner Peace events, like Meditiamo Italia. You can download color or reversed versions, as well as editable files.
Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Symbol (Shri Yantra), design instruction included
Editable Sahaja Yoga Meditation logos in various versions, in color and reversed. PNG files have transparent background.
Girl meditating
Affirmations graphics (by Mason Doran)
Basic Chakra Chart
Channel Chart
Chakra charts with and without text, in various versions. The .ai files are editable in Adobe Illustrator. Also included is a short video excerpt of Shri Mataji's explanation of the chakra colors, recorded in Perth in 1983.
Da Vinci chart (by Jeff Raum, LA)
Looking for more?

You can find more photos of Shri Mataji, including Puja photos on the Divine Cool Breeze website.