We Are One Tour 2023
23 March - 08 April

23 March - 08 April

India is more than just a mere geographical location. It is the seat of Kundalini and Sahasrara of the world. It is often referred to as a "Yoga Bhoomi" - the land of yoga and is tremendously filled with the innocence, humility, generosity and depth of our Indian brothers and sisters. 'We Are One' India Tour desires to be reminiscent of the inner growth, joy and experiences of the India Tours that were conducted by Shri Mataji in the 1980-1990s era. Immersed in the joy of the International & Indian collectivity, the activities will include - vertical growth sessions, deep meditations, evening musical programs, diving into collective workshops, collective footsoak in the river and Ganapatipule beach, sharing stories of experiences with Shri Mataji and so much more.

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