Panama & Costa Rica Tour 2024
08 March - 18 March

08 March - 18 March
Panama & Costa Rica

*Tour Dates* The tentative dates of the tour are: *PANAMA from March 8 to 11* Friday, March 8 Public program in Panama City. Saturday March 9 Deepening workshop where we will share the cleaning techniques taught by Shri Mataji. Sunday March 10 Puja with the collective.

*COSTA RICA from March 11 to 18*

The specifications of the tour in Costa Rica are yet to be decided.

*Donations:* As in all tours of this magnitude, a collective effort is required to carry it out, there will be expenses derived from hiring venues for the program, production equipment, musicians, decoration, publicity for the events and material for the search engines.

We humbly appeal to all our Sahaj brothers and sisters to contribute generously or whatever you can to complete this Divine Work.

*Donate here:­čí▓*

For this, we have created a bank account to receive your contributions. We will also keep everyone informed of the final dates as well as the registration form to participate in the tour.

For those who wish to attend the tour, there are some fixed costs, such as transportation, living expenses and accommodation. All these expenses would be borne by each one and will depend on the number of participants.

*Cheer up and join us on the tour. Register here ­čí▓*

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