India Tour 2023
08 December - 27 December

08 December - 27 December

⏺️ Activites will start latest by afternoon Saturday, 9th Dec, 2023. So ideally, tickets should be booked for the 8th Dec.  ⏺️ Ganapatipule to Mumbai is 8-10 hrs travel. So tickets from Mumbai should be booked accordingly.

🌍 *AN INVITATION FOR ALL* 🌍 ✨ *INDIA TOUR* (December 2023)🇮🇳 📆 *9th Dec - 26th Dec 2023* 📆

*From the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas to the shores of Ganapatipule.* The India Tour in December 2023 is a grass-roots collective effort by a group of yogis from many countries, dedicated to building bridges between hearts and minds to find that Our Mother's Love is within all of us, regardless of where we come from. Love for the Devi is love for each other.

*Following the overwhelmingly positive response of our tour in April* we found that the desire to have a tour reminiscent of the inner growth, joy and experiences of the India Tours that were conducted by Shri Mataji in the 1980-1990s era, had grown from a small spark into a fully fledged fire. So once again, let’s grow in each other’s wisdom, share innocence and purity, and become what She wanted us to be - bright, beaming, and decorated with humility.


*8 Dec | Arrival in Delhi*

*9–10 | Nirmal Dham* we first pay homage to the home of Shri Mataji in Delhi and the collective.

*11–13 | DHARAMSHALA* moving northwards, we reach the Himalayas – the Sahastrara of the Virat.

*15-18 | HYDERABAD* flying south, we reach the fourth largest city in India for the International Yuva Seminar – the Right Nabhi of India.

*19-21 | KOLHAPUR* crossing states into Maharashtra, and into the land of Mahalakshmi.

*22-26 | GANAPATIPULE* finally, reaching the shores of the ocean, we complete our journey at the feet of Mahaganesha for International Christmas Puja.


You can have a small glimpse into the love and joy of the 'We Are One' Birthday Puja Tour (2023) we had this year. 😊❤️

📝 *REGISTRATION FORM* 📝 Please fill the form ASAP. It will only take 5 minutes but it is crucial that the hosts have enough information to ensure proper arrangements for all beforehand. _(The last date of Registration is 30th September)_

💰 *TOUR EXPENSES* 💰 ➡️ *Foreign Yogis* - *25€/ per day* (350€ total) ➡️ *Foreign Yuvas* - *20€/ per day* (280€ total) ➡️ For *Indian Yogis* - *₹1,500/ per day* ➡️ For *Indian Yuvas* - *₹1,008/ per day*

💬 *WHATSAPP* 💬 Please join the group to get latest updates, news and important information

📱 *WEBSITE LINK* 📱 We have created a website which will be regularly updated to keep you informed.

📧 *EMAIL US* 📧 For any questions or suggestions please write to us on -

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