Sahaj Events
This is a page for upcoming realisation events (tours, expos, festivals, etc) and seminars (international pujas, yuva seminars, etc)
Yogdhara Tour 2023
With the blessing of our Divine Mother, Indian collective invites you for Yogdhara (India Tour 2023) and to celebrate Mother’s 100th Birthday Puja in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh.
20 January - 21 March
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Delhi NCR Tour
A realisation tour, covering entire Delhi & surrounding regions. Shri Mataji has mentioned many a times, that Delhi is a "Dehleej", a gateway, for Sahaja Yoga to spread throughout India and has worked very hard to spread and establish Sahaja Yoga in Delhi. As such, we being humble instruments of the Divine, need to carry forward this work, with tremendous Nirmal Love, care and efforts. The Delhi-NCR Realisation Tour, 2023 was born out of the inner desire of the dynamic Indian YuvaShakti to organise large scale self-realisation programs in Delhi and its surrounding areas.
12 March - 17 March
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Birthday Puja (Chindwara)
19 March - 22 March
Birthday Puja (Nirmal Dham)
21 March - 22 March
We Are One Tour 2023
We desire to visit holy places in Maharashtra - Pratishthan, Brahmapuri, Ganapatipule, Alibaug,  Nargol, Nasik and Rahuri. The tour will take place immediately after both the Birthday Pujas at Chhindwara and Nirmal Dham. It will start in Pratishthan, Pune and the necessary transportation will be arranged on the 23rd March, 2023 from both the Puja locations. The tour will end in Mumbai on 2nd/ 8th of April, 2023.
23 March - 08 April
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Easter Puja
07 April - 09 April
Sahasrara Puja
Adi Shakti Puja
02 June - 04 June
Guru Puja
30 June - 02 July
Austrian Realisation Tour
16 July - 31 July
Shri Krishna Puja
01 September - 03 September
Shri Ganesha Puja
15 September - 17 September
Navaratri Puja
20 October - 22 October
Diwali Puja
10 November - 12 November
Christmas Puja
22 December - 24 December